CLIENT CASES (Dubai Aquarium)

Ocean VR

Experience deep see diving and interacting with the ocean's flora and fauna in Virtual Reality. Along with witnessing the beauty, players will be able to see the damage caused by humans and help preserve natural life under water.

The Challenge
  1. Dubai Aquarium had a multitude of Digital and VR content.
  2. However, we were requested to create a Virtual Reality Experience that would immerse visitors in an engaging environment.
The NUAT Solution
  1. We developed a Deep-Sea Diving experience in Virtual Reality.
  2. Visitors could now be virtually 500 meters below sea level, while engaging with multiple animals as well as go through a ship wreck and collect pearls.
  3. This resulted in an upgradable game at a fraction of the cost of a new set-up, with the same hardware allowing us to add more information, levels and the fun element of learning.