With the belief that learning can only truly be achieved through application and experiencing cause and effect, we have built Qubit, a classroom accelerator

The Challenge
  1. Education has seen a growth in the use of technology in the classrooms.
  2. However, it’s still being used passively; to gain information rather than applying it.
  3. The current classrooms allow for only one source of information, the teacher.
  4. The current Education System does not have a full-blown application methodology. This results in children remembering a topic, learning enough to pass the test and just maybe retain some of the knowledge.
  5. The problem is children spend their early years in school not knowing why they are there, or how to apply the knowledge they gain in their lives.
The NUAT Solution
  1. We have built a classroom accelerator, to help teachers give their students a medium to apply the knowledge that is being shared.
  2. Qubit is built in Virtual Reality giving children the medium to apply their knowledge, learn through application and interact with their virtual environment to solve problems.
  3. Qubit immerses student in the topics they are learning so that they will retain the information and have experience in executing it.
  4. Qubit is going live in Jumeira Baccalaureate School by May 2019