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The Future of Virtual Reality

Nuat VR is a cutting edge location-based entertainment and virtual reality company based out of Dubai, UAE specializing in curating experiences that showcase products and brands in an immersive virtual space.
Virtual Reality Cube Solutions

Our Products

At NUAT, we create immersive entertainment experiences that bring the gaming world to life.
Our goal is to accelerate the demand for VR by creating compelling content with hardware to create a fully immersive and fun experience. Our Products include The VR Cube, the world’s first VR experience designed and manufactured specifically to meet the requirements a standalone attraction, and optimized for Family Entertainment Centers, and The Challenge Cube – specifically designed for football-based games. The experience is physically interactive and highly immersive.


We can customize our cubes with your branding


Simple to operate - no attendant required


All our cubes come with full body motion tracking


Next-Gen Tech defined by simplicity of design

Immersive Experiences

At NUAT we create immersive entertainment experiences that bring the gaming world to life.

At KidZania Dubai, we are constantly looking at new and innovative experience to enhance the educational content and deliveries of our existing attractions, but also reaching out to the wider family audience. VR is the next best innovative technology coming into FEC’s and gaming centers, and we are proud to be working with the NUAT team to drive innovation forward and continue to enhance the experiences of our customers.


 Casper Pedersen, Kidzania