Our Story

Fahad Bubshait

"It all started with a dream and a passion to make a difference in people’s lives. From the first time I saw the reaction to the games and attractions that we have built, I was hooked. I wanted to keep bringing smiles to everyone’s faces and leave them with experiences they will not forget. That passion led to an immersion into design and engineering, and soon I found that there is so much more that we can do across many fields. From training simulators, to fire fighting drones we knew that our mission was not limited to leisure and entertainment.

The attractions we build for the LBE (location based entertainment) world proved a great Launchpad into other industries with more need for a big change. Our question is simple "How can we help"? We dared to dream big and we decided to change the world. We reverse engineered the best way to make a global impact and it all boiled down to one industry... Education.

Enter Qubit, a classroom accelerator. With the power of Virtual Reality (VR), we literally took our knowledge of creating experiences for the LBE market, and brought it to schools on a scalable level. Students can now wear a head mounted device and be instantly immersed into a world where they can interact with their environment and manipulate objects in a way designed to give them a better understanding of how the world works. Our goal is to bring a major shift in the mindsets of students that are growing up into this fasting changing world and prime them to solve problems and live a fulfilling life. One designed around their passion and aptitude.

This is how we contribute."


Our Vision

Gamifying Life

At NUAT we believe in exploring all possibilities, all available and unavailable solutions to create unique technologies, applications, and experiences that ultimately change our way of living

If you’re not having fun doing something, you’re doing it wrong.

We specialize in making your day-to-day activities; learning, banking, shopping, working or just about anything… Fun.


The Team

Together, Creating The Symphony

Fahad Bubshait
CEO & Product Architect
Haifa Bubshait
Chief Heart Officer
Vidushi Balani
Project Manager
Borna Fana
Game Developer
Shahroz Raffat
3D Artist
Cameron Fernandes
Game Developer
Aamir Mohammed
Game Developer
Marco Antonio Ferrer
Game Design & Audio Engineer
Thejus Sunny
Game Developer
Nafiha Nasar
2D Artist & Graphic Designer
Raymund Vincent Ferrer
Voice Actor & Audio Engineer
ChristianVan Der Merwe
Product Manager
Ovais Muhammed
Game Developer
Charissa Bucayu
Office Administrator
Elijah Araza
3D Artist
John Lorenz Sartorio
3D Animator
Angelo Guerrero
Game Developer

We are evolving everyday with new ideas and awesome people

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