In about 100 sqm space, children will enter a space capsule, experience the launch into space through VR and Motion Simulator Technology, dock onto the ISS (created in VR) and navigate in zero gravity,build and manoeuvre RC Rovers and so much more.

The Challenge
  1. An empty unused room of about 100 sqm was presented.
  2. We were asked to create a story and build the complete room using VR Games and hands-on activities to engage groups of children.
  3. The whole room had to be used keeping one theme in mind, that included the fit-out as well as the activities we plan.
The NUAT Solution
  1. Given KidZania is about Edutainment, Education & Entertainment, we picked the topic of a Space Program
  2. We occupied 1/3rd of the space for a Space Capsule. The software was created in Virtual Reality coupled with motion simulator chairs to be completely immersed in being launched into the outer Space, orbit the Earth and dock into the ISS. The actual fit-out matched the setting of Dragon X Space Capsule.
  3. We occupied another third of the area with the ISS Experience. This was created in Virtual Reality where the kids would be tied to a harness with their VR Headsets on. They would then propel themselves on a zipbeam in reality, where virtually they would be navigating the International Space Station.
  4. In the remaining area, one of the activities for kids is to assemble an RC Rover and ride it on a "Mars Terrain" using an iPad. Another small portion is used to fix the ISS on a Space Walk wherein kids get to repair oxygen generators, batteries etc., by simply matching the colors or shapes of the plugs given.